I'm a senior engineer who loves writing tests, working in tight knit teams and making the world a little better through code.

Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world while dedicating my energy to small projects that explore my interests like machine learning, databases, cycling and augmented reality

I now live in Los Angeles and work for Fullsend



June 2023 - present

Fullsend is a small do it all agency based out of Santa Monica. I've been working as a fullstack engineer on projects in the AI and web3 space.


February 2018 - June 2022

Beryl is one of the UK's biggest micro-mobility platforms. During my 4 years there, I helped build out the core product and scaled it to our first 1 million rides. This involved setting up our infrastructure and CI with Helm & GCP Kubernetes, writing our microservices using Python & Flask, implementing a GraphQL API gateway and building out UIs in React & React-Native. I worked across the stack from the component library all the way to our data services using BigQuery, DBT & Looker.

Later, I led larger projects, like, expanding our systems to cater to multiple vehicle types, migrating our mechanics tasking service to ServiceNow using dual-writes and feature flags as well as changing our core state machines and API’s to be inline with the micro-mobility industry's MDS standard.

I also spent a year as engineering team lead where I was the direct line manager for 8 engineers, splitting my time between coding, stakeholder meetings, spec'ing features with senior engineers and pairing with juniors.


November 2014 - November 2017

Balena.io is a PAAS that enables developers update and manage embedded Linux devices.

I joined Balena early and wore many hats through my time there.

Mostly I was involved in developer relations. Building out documentation, example projects and advocating for the product at meetups & conferences.

I also contributed to the frontend stack. Helping to maintain most of the websites and the component library.

Firing Squad

November 2013 - November 2014

Firing Squad was a digital agency building WordPress sites for some of South Africa's largest companies including dimension data, Condé Nast and PWC.

I got my start at Firing Squad, converting PSDs to custom WordPress themes and maintaining some big custom WordPress installs.

Please don't ever make me use WordPress again. 😂