I'm currently living in Brooklyn and working for fullsend. Below you can find some of my more recent side projects, tools and experiments.


Leaflet is a tool to help you eat more plant based meals.


Crowd Factor uses surf cameras to help you predict crowds at your local surfspot.


A port of google's python-fire to javascript.

The following projects are not actively maintained.


This is an exploration in how one could program in the real world with the aid of AR. I chose a simple to implement language and created an augmented reality IDE.


Beehint is a browser extension which makes NYT's spellingbee hints easier to read.


This is google maps clone that gives you directions via haptic feedback. Google maps has this feature built in, but this was a good exercise in building a navigation machine.


This is an open-source cycling computer I'm building with my brother


For the last couple months I've been building a toy database. It's a primitive sqlite clone written from scratch in python.

I've always had a hazy ideas about database internals and this is giving me the opportunity to clarify those ideas.


My first flat share in London was a three story with 6 people and one bathroom, so running down the stairs to check if the bathroom was occupied became a common annoyance for everyone in the house. I hooked up a raspberrypi to a reed-switch with a fancy front-end to text people when it's their turn for the bathroom.

You can also take a look at some small tools I have built.